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The Funny Bride Guide: A very humorous, but 
practical guide for the bride!

The Funny Bride Guide keeps brides laughing! ``This book is an hysterical account of what it's really like to be a bride.''
- Sharon Altman, Bride-to-be

``I never knew what to say when opening gifts...this book's gift receiving guide is loaded with great ideas.''
- Marsha Grosjean, Bride-a-long-time-ago

``Finally, a bride guide that's fun to read and filled with practical tips that are often overlooked.''
- Michele Caruso, Bride, Divorced, Bride Wannabe

``Unlike other bridal planning books, these gals really tell it like it is....bringing humor to a sometimes stressful event.''
- Loretta Najera, Bride-who-married-way-too-young

``I've been married three times over the last twelve years and still got a kick out of this book. It's a 'must read' for all brides and a great gift idea too!''
- Anonymous, Bride-that-never-should-have-been

Do you know how to:
  • Make each gift you open seem like it is the one you cherish most?
  • Show sincere appreciation for the crocheted toilet paper cover, pioneer cookbook, or velvet replica of the Last Supper?
  • Thank your guest graciously after unwrapping the third coffee or ice cream maker?
If you're not sure, then YOU NEED THIS BOOK!

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